Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Alpha councilman Craig Dunwell continues to use his aunt as a weapon against Alpha, NJ

It is public knowledge that councilman Craig Dunwell communicates the details of Alpha's politics (including financial information) with his aunt, Diane Hoffman. Hoffman claims she hasn't been a resident of New Jersey since the 1990s, and she isn't an Alpha official. Taxpayers didn't vote for Hoffman to receive information regarding our town's business, and feel that Craig Dunwell is abusing his council seat.

Craig Dunwell and Diane Hoffman created their own Save Alpha websites to confuse residents looking for our town's news. The copycat Save Alpha sites unethically attack residents who use social media to discuss opinions and concerns. Dunwell and Hoffman also defame Alpha officials, and complain about the real Save Alpha campaign, which focuses on corruption and important town issues.

Craig Dunwell and Diane Hoffman cyber-stalk Alpha residents on popular sites such as Photobucket, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, NJ.com and LehighValleyLive.com. The couple gather information about Alpha residents they dislike, and post disparaging statements about them.

Alpha residents publicly posting about Alpha online are often contacted directly by Craig Duwnell, Diane Hoffman, and/or her daughters, Jamiann Regensburger and Jennifer Odell. Craig Dunwell's relatives are known to use threats and lies to silence opinions and concerns.

Craig Dunwell has a history of showing up at the homes or workplaces of residents who share opinions online. Dunwell has also called residents at their homes and jobs.

In 2012 Diane Hoffman tweeted that she purchased background reports on many Alpha residents. Residents worry that Hoffman was given taxpayers' social security numbers by Craig Dunwell.

Diane Hoffman obtained listings of web forums used by the sister-in-law of Craig Dunwell's neighbor. Hoffman created a user profile to access a private infertility forum for women suffering from medical issues. Hoffman made screen shots of posts and shared them online throughout 2012 and 2013. 

7th Avenue residents are angry over the lack of transparency regarding curbs and sidewalks to be constructed. The Express Times reporter, Sarah Peters, was able to uncover the plans and share them with readers: 


Craig Dunwell and Diane Hoffman blogged about the plans in 2012, and tagged residents to be affected in a harassing manner. When Dunwell was confronted about the blog posts on record he called an Alpha resident a "liar". The resident shared print outs of the blog posts with council.

Alpha residents believe Craig Dunwell uses emails to study the header information in order to share IP addresses with Diane Hoffman. One resident emailed Dunwell asking if he was conducting IP studies. The email was not made available by Dunwell when he provided communications from his mail account for an OPRA request. Residents feel that was a violation of the request. Dunwell also left out email communications from law enforcement. 

When LehighValleyLive.com and NJ.com publish articles on topics of great importance to Alpha, Craig Dunwell and his relatives use the web forums to attack and harass residents who comment on the stories. Dunwell and his relatives often create fictitious user accounts to hide their identities, and to seem as though more people share their negative, bias views on Alpha.

Craig Dunwell's relatives are transparent in their wish to promote Craig Dunwell and to censor and control popular public opinion on Alpha politics. Many of their comments are deleted by site moderators as the comments are harassing and off-topic.

Below are screen shots of comments left on the LehighValleyLive.com forum regarding the Alpha pool.

Below is a comment Diane Hoffman made on a LehighValleyLive.com story about former Alpha councilman Chris Pfefferle's resignation:

More comments made by Hoffman:

When Diane Hoffman lost arguments on the LVL forum regarding Alpha's pool's future she quickly created a user account based on her current husband's name. 
Hoffman also opened a Twitter account in Roger Hoffman's name to attack residents running for Alpha town council. Hoffman's main targets were Harry Zikas Jr. and Alex Zikas.

Below is a strange reply written by Diane R. Hoffman on the LVL forum. Hoffman clearly enjoys arguing with anyone sharing thoughts and concerns about Alpha. Many of Hoffman's harassing comments are immediately deleted by the forum moderator.
Below is another negative and argumentative comment that was deleted by the forum moderator:
The Save Alpha campaign protests unethical actions endangering Alpha, New Jersey. Craig Dunwell seems to feel threatened by the bad publicity and shows heated concern. On two occasions Dunwell attempted to bring Save Alpha to court. Dunwell enlisted the assistance of former Alpha councilman, Chris Pfefferle. Their efforts failed as the Save Alpha campaign is legal under free speech laws.
Craig Dunwell and his family continue to attempt to discredit the Save Alpha campaign.

In the following comment Diane Hoffman lashes out at forum users mentioning councilman Mike Savary's embezzlement scandal:
Diane Hoffman on LehighvalleyLive.com:
Craig Dunwell is up for re-election in November. Alpha kept him out of the Mayor's seat in 2011. Let's vote this guy (and his family) out of our town's politics. Using relatives and fake accounts to bash residents is unethical and a form of censorship.
We deserve better, Alpha.

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